Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring is the Time to Watch for Cogongrass in Georgia

Spring is the time for cogongrass flowering. Now is the time to begin looking for cogongrass in its flowering stage. The flowers are 2-8 inches in length; light, fluffy dandelion-like seeds that are white in color and cylindrical in shape. Flowering time is dependent on the local climate, but is usually present from late March through early June.
Cogongrass flower photo by Rebekah D. Wallace, U.G.A.,
Landowners are encouraged to spend time on their property searching for this invasive grass. Normally, cogongrass grows in circular patches. Identification brochures are available at your local Georgia Forestry Commission (GFC) county office. Personnel from your local GFC office can make a positive identification on reported cogongrass finds.
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