Wednesday, March 9, 2011

2011 NAEPPC Hoops for Habitat

Are you a fan of March Madness? (Or know someone who is?) Enter the “2011 NAEPPC Hoops for Habitat” to help state Invasive Plant Councils put a full-court press on wildland weeds!
Here's a way to put that passion for college basketball into play for some environmental good. Donate $25, pick the winners for the 64-team tournament, and vie for: a $100 gift certificate to Forestry Suppliers, REI, Trader Joe's, or the state Invasive Plant Council of your choice. Plus, the national title! (Of “National Champion Hoopster for Habitat" that is.)
Bracket selections can be made from 8:00 am ET Monday March 14 - 12:20 pm ET Thursday March 17! Sign up now at Cal-IPC's online form! Sponsored by the California Invasive Plant Council on behalf of the National Association of Exotic Pest Plant Councils (NAEPPC).