Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pest Management for Organic Production Systems

On July 26 at 1 p.m. Eastern Time, a webinar entitled “Pest Management for Organic Production Systems II” will be broadcast by the National Center for Appropriate Technology.  It will discuss ecologically friendly practices that support organic pest management, including trap cropping, perimeter trap cropping, crop rotations, pheromone use, and other techniques, as well as their impacts on pests and beneficials.

NCAT Program Specialist Rex Dufour will be the webinar presenter. The webinar will build on an earlier one, Pest Management for Organic Production Systems. That webinar covered conservation practices such as soil management, hedgerows, and other beneficial habitat-management practices and strategies. It is available at

To register: Click on the following link

About the presenter: Rex Dufour's background is in entomology and integrated pest management. His work experience includes managing sustainable development projects in Thailand and Laos. Mr. Dufour has worked as both project manager and program specialist for NCAT and heads NCAT's California office. In addition to the ATTRA project, he is involved in several minority farmer outreach projects.