Monday, July 16, 2012

Kudzu Bug Discovered in Vicksburg, Mississippi

Wayne Gardner reports that kudzu bugs were found in Vicksburg (Warren County), Mississippi, on July 13th. Until this discovery, the insect was reported as far west as Escambia County, Alabama. The "jump" of the insect across the state of Mississippi was not a total surprise to entomologists largely because of its ability to hitchhike on vehicles. Audrey Harrison, a former graduate student at Clemson University, was first to recognize adults on a vehicle and nearby buildings at the Vicksburg location less than a mile from Interstate 20. Tom Allen, Mississippi State Extension Pathologist, visited that and another site on Saturday, July 14th, and found numerous adults and nymphs in kudzu at both locations. Based upon experience with the population dynamics of this insect, Gardner noted that the insect likely invaded the area earlier than this spring. Monitor the spread of this pest at Kudzubug.orgFull Story