Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Invasive Bamboo Outlawed in Dover, Delaware

An article by Antonio Prado in the Dover Post says, the Dover "City Council voted 7-0 to approve the ordinance sponsored by Councilman Sean Lynn and city staff. Dover Department of Planning Director Ann Marie Townshend recommended the law based on a number of complaints made by city residents about the highly invasive, Asian plant. Under the new law, it is unlawful to plant or grow bamboo on any city parcel unless the root of the bamboo is entirely contained within an above-ground-level planter, barrel or other vessel, Townshend said."

It is good to know that as citizens, we can make our voices heard and make a difference. Help educate your Representatives and let them know you are concerned about the harm caused by invasive species in your area.

Thank you to the concerned citizens of Dover and the Dover City Council for taking this important step.

Read the article at DoverPost.com

Yellow groove bamboo, Phyllostachys aureosulcata invading a natural area
image by Caryn Rickel, Institute of Invasive Bamboo Research, Bugwood.org