Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Finally a biofuel project utilizing a native plant!

Invasion biologists rejoice! Article about using switchgrass as a biofuel crop in Oklahoma here.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Invasive Exotic Plants of North Carolina

Invasive Exotic Plants of North Carolina is now available electronically on the North Carolina Department of Transportation's website at:

The primary purpose of this guide is to provide technical information regarding the identification of those plants that pose the most threat to wildlife habitat and natural areas, habitats most susceptible to invasion, and methods to control or eradicate these plants.

The 74 species of exotic plants highlighted in this guide are included as a result of input from a variety of sources and agencies. In addition to the list of invasive plants compiled by the North Carolina Native Plant Society that was used as a starting point for the content of this guide, a number of state and federal agencies made suggestions based on their experience managing natural areas. The plants are divided into three main categories depending on their reported impact to natural areas: 1) threat to habitat and natural areas, 2) moderate threat to habitat and natural areas, and 3) watch list. The 17 species in the threat section are known to be invasive and to degrade habitat. Those 17 species listed as a moderate threat do not, at present, appear to be as significant of a problem in natural areas. The watch list includes 40 species that have caused problems in neighboring states, are currently found in localized areas but should be watched for expansion in range, and/or are state-listed noxious weeds. Information pertaining to the identification of the species on the watch list and their current status in neighboring states or in North Carolina is presented in this section.

This guide also contains appendices containing information on native plant alternatives, the Southeast Exotic Pest Plant Council’s (SE-EPPC) mapping project for early detection of infestations, additional resources for exotic and native plants, and the Federal Noxious Weed List.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Save the Date! NC Exotic Pest Plant Council announces its annual meeting.

The North Carolina Exotic Pest Plant Council (NC-EPPC) will hold its

2008 Annual Meeting on Wednesday, December 10, at Reedy Creek Park in

Charlotte, NC. The meeting will begin at 10:00 a.m. and conclude at

3:00. The NC-EPPC business meeting will begin at 3:15 and conclude at

4:00. Lunch and breaks will be provided as part of registration. Please

find directions on the Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation web site:

It's quite a line-up this year; topics will include Cogongrass,

Bushkiller, Hydrilla, using volunteers, and more! Dr. George Kessler,

Dr. Jim Matthews, Bridget Robinson Lassiter, and Greg Antemen are just a

few of the exciting speakers for this year's meeting.

Because of our late meeting notice, we would at least like

to have an electronic response sent to Charles Yelton

( in

order to estimate refreshment and food needs. Registration is $25.00 and

includes breaks and lunch. Participants are also encouraged to sign up

as members. The mission of the NC-EPPC is to:

* Provide a focus for issues and concerns regarding exotic pest

plants in North Carolina.

* Facilitate communication and the exchange of information regarding

all aspects of exotic pest plant control and management.

* Provide a forum where all interested parties may participate in

meetings and share in the benefits from the information generated

by Council.

* Promote public understanding regarding exotic pest plants and

their control.

* Serve as an advisory Council regarding funding, research,

management, and control of exotic pest plants.

* Facilitate action campaigns to monitor and control exotic pest

plants in North Carolina.

* Review incipient and potential pest plant management problems and

activities and provide relevant information to interested parties.

For further information

regarding registration, please do not hesitate to contact me.

We look forward to a productive and informative meeting!


Charles Yelton

NC-EPPC President