Friday, April 1, 2016

Map Callery Pear Challenge!

How many states are seeing Callery Pear becoming an invasive issue? Map infestations you see and let's find out! 
The University of Illinois is mapping Callery Pear in their state - Let's all join the challenge
The University of Illinois Extension Forestry is encouraging everyone in the state to map Callery Pear.  This invasive is rapidly spreading across the state.  Currently we have documented escaped populations in 65/102 counties in Illinois but we are sure it is more widespread than that.  And, based upon the data in, we are ahead of the other states in mapping this species!  As we are asking everyone in Illinois to help fill out our map, I want to challenge the other Midwestern states to do the same!  Let’s build a single map that relays the true distribution of this species across the Midwest!
 We’re asking everyone to report to or use the GLEDN app -
Christopher EvansForestry Extension and Research SpecialistUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignDepartment of Natural Resources & Environmental Sciences
To find the best app in your area for mapping Callery Pear and other invasive species go to: EDDMapS Apps