Saturday, October 24, 2015

America’s Longleaf Restoration Initiative

America’s Longleaf Restoration Initiative Longleaf Partnership Council: 2014 Range-wide Accomplishment Report

Key Overall Findings 

"The combined efforts of the many partners involved in longleaf restoration across the Southeast resulted in over 1.55 million acres of various on-the-ground longleaf restoration accomplishments. These restoration activities included tree planting, prescribed burning, mid-story treatments, invasive species control, native understory plant establishment, over-story treatments, and land acquisition/easements. Approximately 69% of the total accomplishments occurred within the SGAs. Approximately 61% of the overall 2014 accomplishments occurred in Florida (38%), Alabama (12%), and Georgia (11%), states which make up two-thirds of the current range-wide longleaf-dominated forest acreage. Most of the work on public lands (55%) occurred in Florida and Georgia and totaled over 658,000 acres. Restoration activities on private lands in Alabama and Georgia accounted for roughly one-half (175,000 acres) of the range-wide private lands total. Approximately 21% of the overall accomplishments occurred in the western range (Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas), while 17% occurred in the eastern range (South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia)." To read the full Report:  2014 Range-wide Accomplishment Report