Friday, May 25, 2012

Attention Boaters: Don’t Be A Carrier!

Attention boaters: You could be carrying an invader that can harm our lakes, foul your boat, hinder water recreation and even threaten our drinking water supply!
Zebra mussels are a very destructive invasive species that can easily spread from lake to lake on boats and trailers like yours. They start out as microscopic larvae known as “veligers” and adults grow to only 1½ inches, but what these small (and often invisible) invaders lack in size they make up for in the damage they do. Zebra mussels have already been found in Lake Texoma, and you have the power to stop them from spreading to other Texas lakes!

This is sound advice for everyone boating on water inhabited by zebra mussels. Wherever you live, you can make a difference and help to stop the spread by following the Clean, Drain and Dry routine whenever moving your boat from one body of water to another. Read the entire bulletin to learn how easy it is to help.

Have they made to your state yet? Check out this distribution map from USGS to see if there are zebra mussels living in a body of water near you.