Tuesday, December 13, 2011

National Forest System Invasive Species Management Policy

National Forest System Invasive Species Management Policy: "The Forest Service has finalized the development of an internal directive to Forest Service Manual (FSM) 2900 for invasive species management. This final invasive species management directive will provide foundational comprehensive guidance for the management of invasive species on aquatic and terrestrial areas of the National Forest System (NFS). This directive articulates broad objectives, policies, responsibilities, and
definitions for Forest Service employees and partners to more effectively communicate NFS invasive species management requirements at the local, regional, and national levels."
The objectives and goals begin on page 2, with policy and principles beginning on page 3. They are set forth in a clear and easily understood manner. It is stated that many invasive species management activities are already being carried out and indeed have been for some time. The purpose of this policy is to bring those efforts together for a more coordinated management plan.