Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Everglades Nonnative Fish Round Up

The Everglades ecosystem is home to at least 22 non-native freshwater fish species. These non-native
fish may be causing detrimental changes to our native fish communities, particularly as the number of new species continues to increase, and known populations expand to new areas. In order to promote general awareness of invasive species, and the threats they pose , The Everglades Cooperative  Invasive Species Management Area, (ECISMA, a formal partnership of federal, state and local government agencies, tribes, individuals and various interested groups that mange invasive species within the Everglades ecosystem) is holding the second annual Everglades Non-Native Fish Round-Up. The 2011 Everglades non-native fish round up is a one-day event in which anglers will be ridding our waters of harmful species, while providing valuable information about their distribution and abundance. Participants will be working towards a great cause while enjoying a little friendly competition. For more information on ECISMA or this event please visit our website.  
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