Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Way To Go Portland!

The City of Portland, Oregon Bureau of Planning and Sustainability have a new City Council Report: Invasive Plant Policy Review and Regulatory Improvement Project. Following is a short section from the 228 page document:
What Will the Project Change? The Invasive Plant Policy Review and Regulatory Improvement Project has four components that focus on actions identified by the Strategy. Click here for the document.
  • Update the Portland Plant List (PPL) to include priority ranks and guidance regarding invasive plants. Staff proposes revisions to the PPL to inform City and community invasive species management activities, program development, and priority setting.
  • Evaluate opportunities to improve invasive plant control through development and non-development situations, including updates to City codes and rules. Staff has evaluated City codes to establish code and policy to effectively manage invasive plant species in development and non-development situations.
  • Coordinate with the Portland Plan project to ensure that invasive species are addressed in the Comprehensive Plan update and the Portland work plan. Through the Portland Plan, the City should establish clear and ambitious policies and objectives to help advance the invasive species management strategy. Policies relating to invasive plants should be addressed in the contexts of public health, safety, environment, and economy.
  • Research the feasibility of establishing a local noxious or invasive weed law. Staff is analyzing the legality and the potential benefits, costs, and impacts of establishing a local noxious weed law. Staff has also researched similar laws in other jurisdictions.