Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The 2010 Biological Control for Nature Conference

"Biological Control for the Protection of Native Ecosystems"

To be held October 3-7, 2010, in Northampton , MA , with sponsorship of the University of MA , the University of CA , USDA Forest Service, USDA-ARS , US Department of Fish and Wildlife and the US National Park Service. The meeting's purpose is to explore the benefits of classical biological control to native forests, and associated habitats including wetlands, grasslands, deserts, and oceanic islands. The meeting is intended increase mutual understanding between the disciplines of biological control and conservation biology and examine how biological control contributes to the restoration of species and communities damaged by invasive plants and insects. The meeting website can be found at  http://www.biocontrolfornature.org/  and here we attached the scientific program. The venue for the meeting is a classic small New England city, with most architecture dating from the 1890s, amply opportunities for tourism, dining and live music all within walking distance. The meeting takes place just prior to peak color for fall foliage. The meeting site is an historic hotel located in downtown Northampton, less than a block from vibrant street life, shops and restaurants. The meeting will include a one day field trip to view locally important invasive species, some of which are current or developing targets of biological control (hemlock woolly adelgid, Japanese knotweed, swallowwort, garlic mustard), as well as to appreciate views of the fall landscape and some cultural points. For more information consult the website or email/call Roy Van Driesche at UMASS (413-545-1061, vandries@nre.umass.edu)