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"Invasive Plants of Grasslands" Conference February 21st in Madison, Wisconsin

February 21, 2009


The Invasive Plants Association of Wisconsin is pleased to announce that their 2009 conference will be held in conjunction with the annual Prairie Enthusiasts Banquet. Anyone who has an interest in grassland stewardship can't afford to miss these two exciting events! The "Invasive Species of Grasslands" conference will present intermediate- to advanced-level information on combating invasive plants of grasslands in the upper Midwest through on-the-ground initiatives, informed planning and monitoring, and advocacy. Information will be practical and directly applicable to the efforts of grassland managers. The annual Prairie Enthusiasts all-chapter Banquet will be held after the conference, and will be preceded by a social mixer. This is your chance to participate in the raffle and silent auction that are important sources of funding for the chapters. This also provides an opportunity to network and meet up with old friends.

We're also thrilled to announce a keynote presentation that will certainly fascinate conference participants and stimulate further discussion: Biofuel and Prairie Restoration. The presenters, Steve Bertjens (Southwest Badger RC&D) and Bill Johnson (Alliant Energy), will share their visions for a future where trees, brush, invasive plants and native grasses can be harvested from prairies and burned as cellulosic biomass, providing a renewable energy source for the Upper Midwest.

Conference attendees will be able to choose from 15 different sessions throughout the day. The three general topic `tracks' are:

Species-Specific Information. Learn to develop sound strategies for invasive plant management based on plant form (herbaceous versuswoody), life history (monocarpic versus perennial), and means of spread. Each session provides an overview of species, control strategies universal to the target life history form, and species-specific control measures. Just a few of the species to be covered: spotted knapweed, leafy spurge, and crown vetch.

Techniques, Equipment, Tools, Control Strategies. Learn how to get the job done on the ground by learning how to work with contractors, advanced strategies for managing invasive plants (bulk tree removal bids, managing exotic cool-season grasses, interseeding, avoiding Incidental Take), which tools and equipment are available and the best buy for your money, which herbicides to use and how to apply them, and how to create an invasive species management plan.

Policy, Funding, Outreach, Prevention Strategies. Learn how to help battle invasive species without getting dirty and sweaty by advocating for updated federal and state policies relating to invasive species (including the proposed state invasive species rule), by creating cooperative weed management areas, by promoting and adopting

sensible prevention strategies (adopting best-management practices, monitoring and modulating roadside mowing), and by utilizing harvested invasive plant material and prairie plants for biofuel.

For more details, go to <http://www.ipaw. org/>