Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Changes to the image tags used in the Bugwood Network

We try very hard to make sure that the photographer and the organization they work for receive credit whenever an image is used. Although all of our image detail pages have the citation including the photographers name and organization, there has been some confusion as to the origin of the images based on the tag we apply to the lower right-hand corner of each image...it starts with the prefix 'UGA'

The 'UGA' was meant to denote that the image came from an image archive run by UGA…not that UGA was the source of the image. There were a few reasons that we started tagging images.

  • We spend quite a bit of time putting together the image archive and would like people to know where to find the image and the information pertaining to it.
  • Tagging each image provides a link to our image database and a way for people to easily find a particular image.

As of today, we have stopped using 'UGA' on our image tags. This will mainly apply to new images in the system. We are still tagging the images with a 7-digit number and searching by this number in our system or even on web searches like Google or Yahoo will return that particular image. Hopefully, the "black and white tag in the lower right" will act as a signal to most people that the image and it's information can be found in the Bugwood Image Database.