Friday, March 9, 2007

Bugwood enters the world of Flickr

We've recently added the Bugwood Network to the many users of Flickr. A endevour started by Yahoo, this popular photo sharing site has an insane amount of images from a very large membership. Many of the images are high-resolution and some are even of pests that we have been looking for images of.

In this spirit, we opened a group on labled Plant Health Images - Insect and Disease. We look at any of the images added to this group and select those that would be useful. We then contact the photographer and hopefuly get permission to add it to the image achive at Bugwood.

If you are a Flickr user and have an image that you think we may be interested in, please add it to the group. If you see an image on Flickr that would be useful, drop the author a note and ask them to send it to us.