Thursday, June 4, 2015

SE-EPPC and NC-IPC Meeting 2015 Recap!

Bugwood's Invasive Species Coordinator and EDDMapS Data Coordinator were in Chapel Hill, NC for the joint Southeast Exotic Pest Plant Council and North Carolina Invasive Plant Council meeting.  It was held at the North Carolina Botanical Garden and was attended by representatives of the southeastern U. S. from all fields concerned with invasive species: industry/commercial agents, University researchers and staff, state and federal agency employees, etc.

Image by Rebekah D. Wallace

The presentations covered a range of topics: control efforts and successes, citizen science programs, updates of each of the states' programs, and research experiments on invasive species.  In fact, two presenters spoke about the benefits of using goats as a "first-pass" on kudzu control and how much success they have had with this control option.  There were also plenty of opportunities to network and talk to presenters and attendees.  The meeting also included students in the oral presentation and poster sessions, which encouraged students to become more involved in the community.

I would suggest that anyone interested in invasive species should check out their local EPPC, IPC, or equivalent organization to learn how they can participate.

Some regional groups which may have state or local EPPCs, IPCs, Cooperative Weed Management Areas (CWMAs) or Cooperative Invasive Species Management Areas (CISMAs) as partners include:
Mid-Atlantic Invasive Plant Council
Great Lakes Early Detection Network
Midwest Invasive Species Information Network
Missouri River Watershed Coalition