Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Lionfish Tournament Northeast Florida, All You Can Catch!

We've post a few times about the invasive lionfish issue in Florida waters, so now's your chance to jump on the bandwagon and, if you're lucky, win a prize! The Northeast Florida Lionfish Blast is taking place from May 1-31 and who ever catches the most lionfish in two days of diving can win up to $1,000 and a sport watch.

lionfish (Pterois volitans) by U.S. Geological Survey Archive, U.S. Geological Survey,
If you happen to have your smartphone or tablet and catch a lionfish, don't forget to report it!  Check out the IveGot1 application for iPhone and Android and don't forget to include a picture of the lionfish when you report!

Lionfish Tournament Takes Aim At Invasive Species
To learn more about this competition: Northeast Florida Lionfish Blast