Friday, January 9, 2015

Elachee Nature Center Battles Invasive Species

From an article in, "Working with funding from National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and the Southern Company, Elachee Nature Science Center says it was able to treat more than 34 acres of infested areas with the help of 164 volunteers.

Elachee partnered with the Georgia Exotic Pest Plant Council (EPPC), the University of North Georgia/Gainesville, and the Hall County Environmental Management System in attacking such invasive plants as kudzu, Chinese privet and Japanese honeysuckle."

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Elachee Nature Center also hosted a field trip for the joint Georgia Exotic Pest Plant Council/SouthEast Exotic Pest Plant Council Annual Conference in Athens, GA on November 14, 2014. The field trip highlighted the invasive species removal work Elachee has done.
You can find your Invasive Plant Council or equivalent at the National Invasive Plant Council website.