Thursday, December 4, 2014

Governor Bullock of Montana Signs Executive Order to Combat Invasive Species

December 4, 2014

Dave Parker, Communications Director, Governor’s Officer, 444-9844
Mike Wessler, Deputy Communications Director, Governor’s Office, 444-9725

Governor Bullock [Montana] Signs Executive Order to Combat Invasive Species

HELENA – Today, Governor Steve Bullock was joined by sportsmen, conservationists, and land managers as he signed an executive order improving and streamlining Montana’s efforts to tackle the threat of invasive species in the state. The order establishes the Montana Invasive Species Council (MISC) to serve as the overarching council to combat invasive species in the state—both aquatic and terrestrial.

“Montanans cherish our outdoor recreation and spaces, and those spaces play a crucial role in our state’s vibrant economy. It is imperative that we do everything we can to protect Montana from the threat of invasive species that disrupt our land, water, and native species,” Bullock said. “None of us want another knapweed spreading across Montana.”

The MISC will be tasked with:
·         Providing recommendations, direction and planning for combating infestations of invasive species throughout the state, while preventing the introduction of others;
·         Fostering cooperation, communication and coordinated approaches that support international, federal, regional, state, local, and tribal initiatives for the prevention, early detection and control of invasive species;
·         Serving as a nonpartisan forum that would achieve a science-based interdisciplinary and comprehensive understanding of the current status, trends and potential threats of invasive species in Montana;
·         Identifying priorities for prevention and control of invasive species in Montana;
·         Recommending and taking measures that will encourage prevention, early detection and control of harmful invasive species in Montana;
·         Championing priority invasive species issues identified by stakeholders to best protect the state; and
·    Advising and working with agency personnel, local efforts, and the scientific community to implement program priorities.

The MISC will be made up of twenty-one members, including representatives from tribal governments, county weed districts, the MSU extensions, conservation districts, conservation organizations, private land owners, natural resource groups, private industry, and representatives from state and federal stakeholder agencies.

In addition, Bullock was joined by students from Whitehall who have raised, monitored, and released biological control agents on noxious weeds in Montana. They sang “The Twelve Days of Invasion,” a variation of the 12 days of Christmas highlighting twelve invasive species in Montana.

Bullock’s executive order can be found at here.

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