Friday, April 27, 2012

Mad Cow Disease

A message on BSE (Mad Cow Disease) from Judy A. Harrison, a Professor and Extension Foods Specialist at the University of Georgia, "You will be hearing news reports of a case of BSE (Mad Cow Disease) that has been identified in a dairy cow in California. It is the fourth case of BSE to ever be identified in the U.S. According to USDA, it has been identified as an atypical form which is a rare form of BSE and not likely to have been associated with consumption of contaminated feed. Contaminated feed is the way BSE spreads from animal to animal. Since 2004, tissues of cattle (such as brain and spinal cord) have not been allowed to be used in human food or in cattle feed. The animal did not enter the food supply. BSE is not spread through milk. "

For the latest resources from USDA on this topic, including a list of frequently asked questions and a video interview with USDA Chief Veterinary Officer Dr. John Clifford, visit the USDA website.