Monday, October 10, 2011

Image Recruiting System added to the Bugwood Image Database

Users of the image database often ask us for help in finding images that can be used in publications that they are currently working on.  At the same time, photographers often ask us what images people are looking for.  We've created a new Image Recruitment system to help bring these two groups together! 

There are currently 25 projects that are in need of images to support their work. These projects cover a wide range of topics including agricultural production, invasive species, forest pests, native pests, and exotic pathogens. 

Users who post lists get notifications when new images have been added and also have a set of tools to let them manage their lists and select the images they want to use for each subject.

If you are a photographer that wants to maximize the impact of their work, take a look at the TOP 25 section of the page.  This has an up-to date list of the most requested subjects.  We also provide an batch image uploader to make it easy to post images.