Thursday, July 21, 2011

What Is in Your Backyard?

What is in your backyard?
Do you know how many different kinds
 of invasive plants are lurking in your yard? 
Here is a way to find out:

1. First find the list of invasive plants for your state or region. Click on this link to the National Exotic Pest Plant Council, then choose the EPPC in your region to find your list. It could also be called an Invasive Pest Council or something similar.

2. Next click on this link to EDDMapS and choose your county to get a list of the non-native plants which have been reported in your county. Please note that all of the species listed may not be a problem in your county, but are exotic to the U.S. and are listed as a problem somewhere in the U.S.

3. Take the two lists and a highlighter and walk around your yard. Highlight every plant on the lists that you find in your yard.

4. Let's see what everyone finds. Show us your results on the Bugwood Facebook page.

If you need help to check that a plant on the list is what are you seeing in your yard...go to Click on the Plants tab then find the plant you want to check out from the 1576 plants listed there. Click on the plant name and you can see basic information, management information and pictures of the plant which you can compare to the plant you have in your yard.