Monday, May 9, 2011

EDRR Alert: 'Cyperus entrerianus'

This research article by David J. Rosen, Richard Carter, and Charles T. Bryson in the Southeastern Naturalist,  Vol. 5, No. 2 (2006), pp.333-334, introduces a new invasive plant of bottomland hardwood forests. The article "The Recent Spread of Cyperus entrerianus (Cyperaceae) in the Southeastern United States and Its Invasive Potential in Bottomland Hardwood Forests", documents the observations of the authors that deeprooted sedge can dominate both disturbed and native habitats to the exclusion of native plants. Non-native plants which can dominate healthy native plant communities should be added to the EDRR watchlist of any state with these types of habitats.
Cyperus entrerianus, deeprooted sedge
photo by Richard Carter, Valdosta State University,