Thursday, February 18, 2010

Major invasive species bill approved in Mexico

Mexico just passed an invasive species bill in the Deputy Chamber by 375 votes in favor, none against and 7 abstentions. The Senate vote was on 6 November 2008: 71 for, 0 against and 1 abstention. So it unanimously passed both chambers and will go to the Executive to be published in the Official Register to become a law. The bill says the Executive can make comments and if not they have to publish it immediately. The Environment Ministry was in favor of the bill when they were consulted by the Senate. Publication and legal effect of the new law should happen in a few months.

It defines an exotic invasive species and:

• Prohibits the importation of exotic invasive species or any other wild species that can carry an exotic invasive species

• Prohibits the release into the wild of exotic invasive species

• Mandates the creation of a list of exotic invasive species that has to be reviewed every 3 years

• Mandates the creation of a regulation on prevention of entry of these species, management, control and erradication of those exotic invasives which are already established in Mexico.

• Gives the Economy Ministry the power to control transit of these species inside Mexico

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