Friday, May 9, 2008

"Wiki" training provided by the Bugwood Network

As many of you are aware, we have launched the BugwoodWiki; A wiki that has direct access to the Bugwood Image Archives. Authorship for the wiki is restricted to "BugwoodWiki Scholars"; individuals who have asked to be authors and have some credentials or experience to back up their articles. We also require the authors to put their name on their articles so that they can be properly credited if the article is used elsewhere. All of the articles may be used in non-profit, educational publications as long as all of the citations are maintained.

One of the barriers to using any "wiki" is learning the "wiki language". Although it is a very easy format to write in, the concept of learning a new language and flashbacks of past experiences with HTML is often a deterrent. To help ease this dread, the Bugwood Network is offering online training sessions. The first of these training sessions is a basic lesson to get people started. It will provide people with a basic set of skills to use while editing any MediaWiki system (BugwoodWiki, eXtension, Wikipedia, etc.).

If you are interested in attending a session or just becoming a BugwoodWiki Scholar, contact our webmaster.